Attorney Profiles

            Ward & Ward is comprised of two seasoned civil litigation attorneys, William J. Ward and Alexandra S. Ward, each of whom have over 20 years experience as lawyers. Mr. and Mrs. Ward have successfully handled a wide array of business and real estate disputes, construction-related disputes, commercial collection matters, estate and trust litigation matters, and civil appeals and writs. For a detailed biography of each attorney, please click on his/her names.

Alexandra S. Ward | William J. Ward

            In addition to its attorneys, Ward & Ward has a very talented support staff. Its paralegal, Lucinda M. Graeber, has worked in the legal field since 1973, first as a legal secretary and then as a paralegal. Its secretary, Linda K. Encoe, has been a legal secretary for almost 20 years. For more information about the background and experience of Ms. Graeber and Ms. Encoe, please click on their names.

Linda K. Encoe | Lucinda M. Graeber

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