Business Disputes

Business disputes generally fall into one of two categories: quarrels between owners of the same business or quarrels between businesses. Ward & Ward handles matters falling into both categories.

Disputes between owners of the same business come in many varieties. Some problems stem from information provided before or at the time the business was started, and will result in litigation involving fraud, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Other disputes arise from misconduct by one of the business owners, and will involve claims about the misappropriation or misuse of funds, usurpation of business opportunities, or other wrongful acts. Another group of disputes involve issues occurring when one owner dies or retires. Finally, most disputes among business owners necessarily result in the dissolution of the business entity and, hence, require litigation over partnership or corporate dissolution issues. Ward & Ward has experience handling all these types of disputes.

Disputes between busineses also involve a wide range of problems. These include contractual disputes, unfair business practices, unfair competition and trade secret claims, trade disparagement and trade libel claims, and intentional interference with contract or prospective economic advantage claims. Again, Ward & Ward has handled numerous matters in each of these areas.

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