Civil Appeals and Writs

Ward & Ward has extensive experience in civil appeals and writ proceedings in the Courts of Appeal for the State of California in all areas of civil law. Indeed, Ward & Ward is generally recognized as one of the preeminent appellate firms in the Inland Empire.

In addition to handling appellate matters for its clients, Ward & Ward offers appellate consulting to outside trial counsel. These services include providing advice about and, if desired, drafting or reviewing, post-trial motions, advising about appellate deadlines, drafting or reviewing notices of appeal and similar pleadings to initiate the appellate process, associating in as appellate counsel for the purpose of preparing briefs on appeal and oral arguing the appeal before the Court of Appeal, and, where desired, substituting in as counsel of record during the appellate process. As an added benefit to outside trial counsel using Ward & Wardís appellate consulting services, Ward & Ward routinely agrees to communicate solely through trial counsel, if preferred, to avoid any potential interference with the existing attorney-client relationship between outside trial counsel and his or her client.

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