Commercial Collections

Ward & Ward represents both California and out of state creditors in collecting past due commercial debts, that is, debts owed by one business to another. Ward & Ward does not handle consumer debt collection matters (ie: debts primarily personal or household items).

Having acted as speakers at collection seminars,Ward & Ward attorneys are very familiar with all phases of commercial debt collection practice and the rights and remedies of and the restrictions placed on commercial creditors. Utilizing this knowledge and its familiarity with applicable court procedures, Ward & Ward can assist its creditor clients in obtaining pre-judgment writs of attachment and possession, turnover orders, and temporary or preliminary protective and/or restraining orders to secure, to the greatest extent possible, the ability to collect the sums owed.

While Ward & Ward typically handles commercial collection matters on an hourly fee basis, on occasion it agrees to work on a contingency fee basis. The acceptance of contingency-based commercial collection work is completely discretionary and depends on the facts and circumstances of each particular dispute.

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