Construction-Related Litigation

Ward & Ward is experienced in handling all types of construction-related disputes, whether those disputes involve public or private works. This experience is invaluable to our construction industry clients since the best remedies available to unpaid contractors, subcontractors, and labor and materials suppliers are wholly statutory and involve very detailed and often complicated deadlines.

Ward & Ward provides assistance in preserving its construction industry clientsí mechanicís lien, stop notice and performance payment bond rights by preparing, serving and, where appropriate, recording mechanicís liens, stop notices and other similar documents. If the service and/or recording of these liens and notices does not result in payment, then Ward & Ward has the knowledge and experience to enforce its clientsí mechanicís lien, stop notice and bond rights through litigation.

Due to its knowledge in this area, Ward & Ward also provides effective legal assistance to property owners who are threatened with the enforcement of mechanicís liens. In many instances, Ward & Ward can quickly and easily resolve this type of dispute simply by pointing out fatal defects in the mechanicís lien recorded by the contractor, subcontractor, or materialman, or by advising the lienholder of his or her failure to file an action to foreclose the mechanicís lien in a timely fashion.

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