Fee Schedule

Almost all legal matters handled by Ward & Ward are billed on an hourly fee plus costs basis, as set forth in Ward & Ward’s written fee policy. These fees and costs, along with the terms and conditions of Ward & Ward’s legal representation, are set forth in a written retainer agreement which all clients are required to read, sign and return before any work on their matter is undertaken.

Billing statements are mailed monthly for all work in progress.

The current hourly rates charged by Ward & Ward are:

o        For Attorneys (all matters except Civil Appeals and Writs): $275.00

o         For Attorneys (Civil Appeals and Writs): $300.00

o         For Associate Attorneys (all matters): $200.00

o         For Law Clerks (all matters): $150.00

o         For Paralegals: $110.00

o         For Legal Assistants: $60.00

Ward & Ward bills its clients for the actual costs incurred in connection with that client’s legal matter, plus an administrative charge as set forth in its written disbursement policy. Clients must prepay any costs exceeding $300.00 unless another arrangement is agreed upon by both Ward & Ward and the client.



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