Real Estate Disputes

Ward & Ward handles a wide variety of real estate disputes, for both individual property owners and real estate professionals such as brokers, developers and investors.

For the individual property owner, Ward & Ward can assist with disputes between adjoining property owners over boundary lines, property uses, easements, and other similar problems. Additionally, Ward & Ward handles disputes arising out of the purchase or sale of property, such as fraud in the inducement, specific performance, and breach of contract claims. Ward & Ward is skilled in virtually all types of disputes that stem from the purchase or sale of real property.

For the real estate professional, Ward & Ward offers many years of experience representing brokers and salespersons in disputes arising out of the representation of buyers or sellers of property, including fraud, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty claims of all types. Ward & Ward also assists owners of non-residential properties with landlord-tenant disputes, including commercial evictions, and other real estate matters. In addition, Ward & Ward represents real estate developers and owners with development-related problems, including land use, permitting and CEQA issues.

Finally, Ward & Ward handles disputes arising out of the financing of real estate transactions. These matters include both judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures, claims by junior lienholders who have lost their security due to the foreclosure of a senior lien, and other issues related to deeds of trust and other financing vehicles. Ward & Ward offers its clients a depth of knowledge and experience in this area which is unavailable in most Inland Empire law firms.

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